January just makes me want to rant


January is almost done and I’m so happy about it because January and February are just the worst in my opinion.

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The Doll Maker and the Strange Case of the Missing Doll : A Winter Solstice Story

Winter solstice story

Remember last month when I said my  Winter Solstice story will be ready in December? Today is the the day!

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My favourite books of 2018

2018 Books, the graphicsfairy

The title says it all ūüėČ Those are some of the books I read and loved in 2018 (and obviously still remember enough to talk a bit about it).¬†

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November update, December announcement and another snippet

Copyright thegraphicsfairy;

It’s mulled wine and snuggling under blankets with the cats weather! November being November, I signed up for another round of NaNoWriMo and, as tradition wants (at least for me), failed.

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It’s Halloween but it means a winter solstice snippet

copyright the Graphics Fairy halloween

It’s the 31st of October already and it feels like the month everyone is waiting for then it goes by like crazy and it’s like autumn is over. And I’m a bad planner or I’d have had a Halloween story ready for you.

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About Hannah Henry

Here you will find news about my characters and their stories. I write a lot about plants magic, dragons, witches and magical teens, mostly LGBTQA+. I also talk about books, natural dyeing, and I suppose my cats will eventually come up.

You can find me on Twitter : @HannahHwrites

Or you can send me an email at : hannah@hannah-henry.com

Enjoy your stay!

Circe and plants magic

Circe and the magic of plants Picture Copyright Hannah Henry

Every summer, I try to find a book that I’ll remember later like being this book that encompassed the summer of that year.

Two years ago, this book was The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. So of course, I knew this year this book should be Circe, set in Greece with scorching hot earth, cruel gods, plants magic and a woman trying to do her best to live her life.

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St John’s Wort and angry feminism

Copyright Robert Harwicke¬†Living in the country has made me more attuned to the seasons, especially which wild flowers grow near me and how long before they die. It’s rather a good thing when you dye with plants. And of course, all these plants and their uses end up being intriguing for stories too.

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The Sisterhood of The Gibbous Moon: A sneak peak

Copyright the graphics fairy, free short story illustration¬† This is a little sneak peak from a story about feminism, the power of sisterhood and revenge. There is a lot of blood but don’t expect any kind of¬† remorse (and also cute hedgehogs and I can guarantee they don’t get hurt).

I’m going to submit the story soon so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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