Circe and the magic of plants Picture Copyright Hannah Henry

Every summer, I try to find a book that I’ll remember later like being this book that encompassed the summer of that year.

Two years ago, this book was The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. So of course, I knew this year this book should be Circe, set in Greece with scorching hot earth, cruel gods, plants magic and a woman trying to do her best to live her life.

I don’t intend to write a review of this book, others did it better and that’s not the point but I feel like it was important to mention Circe because, in the same way The Song of Achilles stayed with me the same year I started writing Blaine’s story (more information on that later this year), Circe has been important but for different reasons.

I love women fighting for their spots in life, even when it’s exhausting to do so, so I suppose that’s part of why I love witches so much.

And then I found out that Circe’s magic was not this big showy magic made of lightning and dragons (even if that’s thrilling too) but something simpler, and definitely closer to us, humans. She got her magic from plants, and plants magic is something my characters are very often attracted to, and not only that but she dyed her own yarn too!

And that’s how I found myself trying to create a colourway for Circe based on this description in the story where she uses madder mixed with saffron. I added turmeric for her goddess bronze skin and henna for her strong bond with the earth and here it was, my own magical skein, made of plants magic and with the memory of a witch who never stopped fighting.