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It’s the 31st of October already and it feels like the month everyone is waiting for then it goes by like crazy and it’s like autumn is over. And I’m a bad planner or I’d have had a Halloween story ready for you.

My October has been busy with a yarn fair and a mini holiday that gave me time to just read and knit and read more. So that was good but there hasn’t been a lot of writing happening. This being said, I still managed to start a short story I want to have ready for the winter solstice.

It was born of an idea I got after crocheting a huge (and weird looking) elephant for a friend’s baby. What would happen if a witch infused cuddly toys with protective thoughts?

This is an unedited snippet and I hope you can read the whole story in less than two months here.


She looked at the sky and smiled when she caught the moon looking back.

Raising herself on her tiptoes, she pushed open the window and suddenly the calm of her tiny flat under the roof of a Haussmannian building got interrupted by the noises and smells of the street below.

There were bits of fluff and dolls stranded everywhere, buttons eyes looking at her from under the kitchen cabinet and crocheted bears claws gathered on her couch.

A true crime scene, if someone was into killing dolls.

Iris didn’t kill them, she made them. She made them and enhanced them with magic, to be exact.

It is time. It is time, the blue and orange birds seemed to sing. They were made of paper so Iris ignored their singing.

“It isn’t time yet,” she told them firmly.

It was time for a lot of things.

Time to take the bouquet of sage that was hanging from her bedroom doorknob and burn it. Time to gather all the bits of dolls and cuddly toys and sing while sewing them shut. Time to add lavender and thyme right at the spot where their hearts should be. Time to have a walk in the forest. Time to call her mother probably. And time to think about tonight’s dinner.

What it wasn’t time for though, was welcoming the wind into her rooms and thinking about moving to another city.

She still had work to do there.


Okay, that’s all for now. Enjoy your Halloween night and be gentle with monsters, or don’t if they aren’t with you. I’m off to watch the new adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.