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It’s mulled wine and snuggling under blankets with the cats weather! November being November, I signed up for another round of NaNoWriMo and, as tradition wants (at least for me), failed.

It wasn’t even a 50k words goal because I’m way too slow for this. I intended to use it to finish editing Blaine’s story and write the Winter Solstice short story.

It may have been a bit ambitious for me because time is short, especially at the end of the year.

But I’m happy to announce that the Winter Solstice story is done and will be released on another website for a special December event along with a special illustration (and other stories/posts/ cool things). I’ll tell you more in a couple of weeks but I’m pretty excited!

And I may be slow and easily distracted but I want Blaine’s story ( my YA LGBTQA+ witches story) out next year so I’m committed to working seriously on the edits again. This is a tiny excerpt so you can meet Blaine, taking place in the first chapters of the book with nothing  spoilery in it.


The low dramatic rumble that echoed the beating of hundreds hearts became a joyous sound, quickly joined by other instruments.

And then Blaine stopped thinking about anything because the dancers appeared.

They were dressed as jugglers, short sleeved jackets and puffed pants. Blaine caught Fox in the crowd of colors. It wasn’t hard, he was a flame of bright yellow amidst a sea of blue and silver, balls the color of fire flying over his head.

Or so it was how Blaine wanted to paint him later.

His wild hair and his grin was all he could see. The pattern of silver on his blue jacket had more stars than the others. Blaine recognized the shield of Achilles from their late nights’ stories and smiled. Of course, he would recognize it, he had drawn it himself and Daphne had done the sewing.  After all the swirling and jumping, one of the stars was all wobbly.

Fox cartwheeled once, twice, again and again, until he came closer to Blaine. One hand pushed Blaine violently forward until he was almost stepping on the road, among the dancers and with a last whirling around, Fox suddenly appeared in Blaine’s space, their noses almost touching.

“Hey,” he grinned. His breath smelled of lemongrass and mint.

Blaine was too startled to answer. For one second, he had thought Fox was going to kiss him, all soft lips and fresh breath.

Blaine stopped breathing and Fox stopped grinning. His lips softened into this special smile of his and Blaine now wanted to call it his Blaine’s smile, it made him feel like they were the two only people in the world. But then, one of the jugglers called out for Fox, the crowd roared, the girls on each side of Blaine cheered and Fox, eyes hesitant, sad and full of hope, whispered “later ” and cartwheeled back to the road full of spinning silver stars.

Blaine felt like something had been taken away from him. Something he hadn’t known was there and it left him being empty and lost on the side of the road.