January is almost done and I’m so happy about it because January and February are just the worst in my opinion.

There is no light, it’s grey and cold and often it snows (depending where you live of course).

And snow only feels good for two minutes then it turns mushy, cold and in my case, you realise it’s a freaking nightmare to drive on (it snows twice a year where I live, if even that. My car and I don’t know how to handle it).¬† But hey, if you like snow, I can understand vaguely the appeal, from far away, in a place where there is more sun and light (yes I get an issue with the lack of light, obviously.)

I know, I’m ranting but I’ve had such a hard time getting interested in any books or anything honestly, because of this weather. Well, I managed to work on another short and I’ve been sampling non-fiction here and there so January wasn’t a total loss.

I also got super excited when I saw that Netflix was getting the Titans series.

I’m a huge Marvel fan but before I got into Marvel, I was totally into DC Comics. I mean yeah sure there were problems even before the New 52 but it was fun and Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle is a total badass.

Sadly she isn’t in Titans but there is a bunch of interesting women being portrayed there.

Now among the non-fiction I was mentionning, I bought books and I read articles online. And one of these articles was about emotionnal labour. How women are the ones expected to always handle it and how men, even the ones calling themselves feminists, don’t understand how hard it is.

And here it was, again, in a show that probably thinks they did good because they have portrayed several women and not just stereotypes of ‘The Girlfriend’ or ‘The Bitch’ like so many types of media do, you had one woman who was not only an example of all the emotionnal labour women must shoulder but who was also used for all the manpain of these dudes.

Yeah, I mean Dawn.

Okay so, my knowledge of comics isn’t that great and I haven’t read the Titans comic so I had no idea who Dawn was. I just knew that, by the end of episode two, I was frustrated on her behalf because she looked like a great character but she only felt like a toy two jealous kids were fighting over. Until they broke the toy.

And then (I’m trying to stay as vague as possible because of the spoilers) when we got to see more of Dawn, it was to witness her shouldering more and more: her own issues, Hank’s personnal issues, Dick’s issues and then this scene with Rachel that proves she is the only one, even while fighting for her life, who is paying attention, who listens , who cares. Again and again. Because she is the woman so she is getting all the emotionnal labour.

So I’m not spitting on the show because it has several good things, it entertained me at a time where I’ve difficulties keeping my attention on things for long but really, I hope they do better with her character in the second season.

Me, I’m all for Dawn, Donna and Kory just leaving these dudes be and fighting crimes together. I’m already shipping Donna and Kory since Donna stopped Kory with her lasso but I could totally see Dawn adding herself to this pairing!

And I finally bought The Refrigerator Monologues by Catherynne Valente so I’m probably not done with ranting about comics and feminism.